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The beginning of a startup can be a bumpy ride.
We’re here to make the road a little smoother.
Plot the route. Assess the journey. Flag the dangers.
And then: stay by your side.

Startups Tandem

A proper long-term strategy.

More realistic. More achievable. Still ambitious. We’ll help you hone your product. Add focus to intent. And build a long-term strategy that says more than just grow.


Fundamentals & fiddly bits.

All niggly. All boring. All important. Sales, finances, legals, delivery. We shore up the basics of the business. So cracks in your foundations can’t fissure & grow.


People, team and culture.

We meet. We prod. We organise. Clarify roles. Bring balance. Add hierarchy. Boost teamwork. Teach managers to manage. And founders to let go.

Strategy: goodbye off-the-cuff spontaneity.

Hello grounded thinking, realistic milestones and sturdy long-term goals. Spurts of creativity and inventiveness are great. But on their own, they’ll kill you. We help you build a fixed foundation to ward off the wayward thinking. A roadmap that readies you for growth. A strategy that’s true to you. And that you can stay true to.

Processes: un-forget the basics.

Financial planning. Sales funnels. Delivery processes. Rarely top of the list. But key to scaling and growing stronger. As the business grows, the risks fan out. We help you get the fundamentals right early. Go deep into your business. Assess its needs and inefficiencies. Plug the gaps. Find the right systems and processes. Shore them up. Smooth them out. Stabilise.

People: culture, cake and icing.

Beers on a Friday are lovely. But they’re not a culture. They’re the icing. We focus on the substance beneath all that: a happy team that gets stuff done. We help companies find structure. Re-organise around their strengths. Communicate better. Lead and delegate properly. And build a meaningful culture that fits. That unites. That excites.


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