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We’re a team of three. Different backgrounds. Different perspectives. Different expertise. But one guiding principle: we hate to see a good business fail for a bad reason.

John Carden

John solves problems. Big problems. Little problems. Problems that seem boring to others, but fascinate him. After two and half years working side by side with startups he set up Tandem to solve a new problem: the divorce between processes, culture and strategy. And the need for a holistic approach that deals with all three.

Alex Neumann

Alex understands people. Their strengths. Their weaknesses. The relationships they recognize. The dynamics they don’t. She uses her training as a Gestalt Practitioner to bring clarity and order to the makeup of a team. Improve communication. Turn founders into leaders. Teamwork into culture. And shape an environment where everyone can grow.

Nadia Laabs

Nadia tackles growth. In the short term. In the mid term. In the long term. And engineer-turned-entrepreneur with an MBA from INSEAD, she plans with rigour and realism. Builds strategies that refine products. Reign in wayward aspiration. And set up companies for growth. Long-term plans that are ambitious. Patient. Profitable. And ready to be implemented.


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