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The right business. The right founders.
The right team. They’ve got your backing. Almost there.
We’ll firm up the culture. Iron out the strategy.
Boost the bits in between.

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See-through strategy.

We close the gap between what founders say, and do. Help them commit to a plan. Agree a strategy they can stick to. And be transparent when they can’t.


Readier. Steadier.

We help startups get the basics right. And not do anything (really) wrong. Legal coverage. Proper finances. Processes that are possible and profitable.


Using people properly.

We teach teams to tidy up. Grow up. Shape up. Know their roles and responsibilities. Get better at what they’re good at. Be honest about what they’re not.

Strategy: unknotting good intentions.

In the excitement of a startup, good ideas can get muddled. Overthought. Overwrought. We help startups avoid such a tangle. Straighten out their business plan. Know their product. Test what works. Address what doesn’t. And be open and honest when they need to make a change. Revise the strategy. Align the team. Rework the product to fit.

Processes: sorting the mechanics.

A startup is like a car. You can have tight rims and a gleaming chassis – but with a flat tyre, you’re going nowhere. We shore up the basic engineering. Sharpen up sales. Make delivery more aerodynamic. And ensure the company has all the licenses it needs. Finances. Insurance. Legal basics. We stop the business breaking down. (& keep the founders clear of prison.)

People: big company coaching.

Pluckiness. Fearlessness. Iron-clad conviction. Characteristics that launch a business. But as it grows up, its people must too. We help founders act as big as their ambitions. Add hierarchy to their team. Bring maturity to its makeup. And build a happy, honest working culture. That’s realistic. Long-lasting. That comes from within.


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